Translation Office, translation, professional translation
Translation Office, translation, professional translation

  Translation Office, translation, professional translation

The TranslationPartner Translation Office offers a quick and really favourable solution for your translation problems, including the translation of business correspondence, quotations, presentations, invoices, agreements, user’s guides, service manuals or other business and other texts or websites.
All the colleagues of the TranslationPartner Translation Office (FordítóPartner Fordítóiroda) are qualified translators, thus we are able to provide you with professional translations of high standard – through our experienced colleagues who know and use the special vocabulary and characteristics of the given area adequately – without extra charge. Our work is always characterised by high quality, the timely observance of the deadline, and an approach which is more flexible than usual. In urgent cases we can even deliver your translation the same day; for we know that your success may depend on it.
Our translation office provides translation services into and from the following languages:
Hungarian, English, German, Italian, French, Russian, Croatian, Romanian, Serbian, Spanish, Czech, Slovakian, Polish, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Swedish, Danish, Greek, Dutch, Portuguese, Slovenian, Turkish, Chinese, Norwegian, Finnish.
As opposed to many other translation offices we undertake the translation of even one page. In case of continuous cooperation and translations related to business correspondence, you may as well order the translation of just a few sentences from us. We keep an accurate record about the completed translations, and settle the account according to a time schedule previously agreed upon.
In comparison to the rates offered by other translation offices present on the market, we can bravely declare that our prices are fair, and the price-value ratio is higher than the average. We can provide you with these services by keeping our operational costs at a minimum level; striving exclusively to make fair profits and establish long-term mutually beneficial partnerships.
With the help of the TranslationPartner Translation Office (FordítóPartner Fordítóiroda) you can acquire multiple benefits!
You can save time.
With the help of TranslationPartner (FordítóPartner) you can do other more important tasks, work while your translation is done. In the meantime, you do not have to worry, since we guarantee the delivery of quality translations on time in all cases.
You can save money, and do not have to give up quick solutions, either.
As opposed to other translation offices TranslationPartner (FordítóPartner) provides you with translation services at a really fair and reasonable price, and in case of the translation of your business correspondence, you may even receive the finished translation the same day.
Quality service for correct prices.
We are sure you can imagine the difference between the translation of an employee, family member, acquaintance, friend with a general command of language, and the work done by an experienced FordítóPartner (TranslationPartner) translator. Do not let the success of your business depend on this!
TranslationPartner’s (FordítóPartner) reliability is natural.
The documents, texts to be translated that we receive are at all times considered to be business secrets and handled accordingly; and we also take full responsibility for the secrecy of our potential cooperating partners.
TranslationPartner’s (FordítóPartner) approach is more flexible than the average.
Following prior arrangement on the phone, we also accept your order and even deliver the requested translation at the weekend.
We guarantee all the work done by us, and we can also provide proof-reading on request.
For further questions, quotation, order, please contact us or use the form below.
Thank you for visiting our website, at the same time let us wish you a successful cooperation!
Kind regards:
Viktória Mátis
and the TranslationPartner Translation Office's team

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Why should you choose us?
- Our colleagues are qualified, experienced translators.
- You can get your translation delivered even the same day.
- We guarantee the quality of our translations.
- We really work at a fair and reasonable price.
- Because we love what we do. :-)

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